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MFA in New Media at Penn State

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 15, 2008, midnight
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New Media, MFA Degree Candidates
School of Visual Arts (SoVA)
Penn State University, University Park, PA
(materials with a post-mark date on or before January 15, 2007 will be considered for Fall 2007 admission)

The New Media area in the School of Visual Arts at Penn State consists of a dynamic BA, BFA, and MFA program. The program encompasses a wide range of approaches to new media creation, authoring, and publishing including: 3D Modeling and Animation, Gaming, Video Art, Web/Net Art, Interactive Installation, Physical Computing and Sonic Arts.

New Media graduate students receive studios and access to state of the art facilities which include: (3) G5 fully equipped mac labs, a/v editing stations, vinyl cutter and large format printers, 3d scanning and rapid prototyping equipment/facilities, wood/metal shop, the physical computing lab and more.

Most graduate students in the School of Art can expect support in the form of scholarships (http://www.sova.psu.edu/gradstudio.html), or teaching or research assistantships. There are also scholarships offered through the University (http://www.gradsch.psu.edu/fellowships)

For the coming academic year (starting Fall 2008), we are expanding the MFA program and seeking applicants that have a strong research interest in any of the above and/or related new media fields.


Program Website: http://newmedia.sova.psu.edu
School of Visual Arts Website: http://www.sova.psu.edu
College of Art and Architecture: http://www.artsandarchitecture.psu.edu


Applicants to the program may apply online-for further information on application procedures and 
forms, visit: http://www.sova.psu.edu/gradapp.html

For specific information and how to apply to the graduate school at Penn State’s School of Visual Art, visit: http://www.sova.psu.edu/gradapp.html or contact our graduate administrative associate, Tammy Hosterman (tmk7@psu.edu) Phone: 814-865-0444.