Networked Cinema - Exhibition Opening

PLACE - a year long series of exhibitions that explore the role of networked technologies in transcultural experience, organized by MediaNoche, presents the first exhibition in the series.

Time Resequenced (Networked Cinema) is a project by Cyril Tsiboulski which explores the ways traditional cinematic structure can be affected by new media.

Time ReSequenced is a screen based interactive project in which a four minute scene from Solaris (1972), a Russian film directed by Andrey Tarkovsky, is broken into individual frames by the users accessing the project site. The sequence is then reconstructed and played back using shots initiated by the users.

Time ReSequenced depends on and responds to the virtual participation of the audience. A unique network driven algorithm creates a new space and a new language of cinema. Edited in real time, the film sequence can only be reconstructed as a result of audience participation. It depends on the network traffic volume thus creating potentially endless variations.

As a contributor to the cinematic structure, but a passive viewer of the result, an audience member is challenged to re-think the role digital technology plays in how we experience our culture.

November 5th - 24th, 2004.
Opening reception: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5th from 6 - 8p.m.

MediaNoche is located at 161 East 106th Street, New York, NY in the cultural corridor of Spanish Harlem, just blocks from Museum Mile.

Take the 6 subway to 103rd Street and walk north along Lexington Avenue to 106th Street. Turn right on 106th Street. MediaNoche is on the north side of the street in the middle of the block.

The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 3PM to 7PM. Appointments can be made by calling 212 828 0401.