Dutch Electronic Art Festival (9-21 November in Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

The seventh edition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival - DEAF04 will be opened on Tuesday 9 November in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) with a unique opening act by Jamie Lidell, FM Einheit and the Poetry Machine, a computer which generates a stream of word associations.

Dutch Electronic Art Festival is a biennial international festival for electronic art, presented by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The festival is a presentation platform for new media art - some of it commissioned by DEAF - and as a forum for critical debate and art education.

By collaborating with local, national and international art and research institutes, the festival creates a synergy between the various art disciplines and the fields of architecture, philosophy, cultural and sociological science.

During DEAF04, a number of provocative art projects will address current social and political issues revolving around both open and closed systems. Interactivity plays a central part in this, as it defines the way we think about such systems. Within this thematic framework, DEAF04 presents interactive art as an open system continuously creating new relationships.



How do we experience mixed virtual and physical environments? Is wearable computing empowering us, or are we becoming more vulnerable and disembodied? How can machines be designed to express emotion by themselves? On Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 November, various seminars are focusing on thought-provoking issues in art and media technology. The seminar Wearable Turbulence focuses on context-aware, human-centred computing; The Art of Immersive Spaces questions the role of human-computer interaction principles in the design of immersive spaces. The seminar Affective Systems presents research in the area of emotional computing. See http://www.deaf04.nl


The central question during the two-day symposium Feelings Are Always Local (Friday 12 & Saturday 13 November) is - how do local systems arise and maintain themselves in large, globalizing networks?

Alex Galloway, artist, teacher, computer programmer and joint founder of the Radical Software Group, will discuss the protocols that determine how computer networks and biological networks function and describes how this form of distributed exercise of power can be used for political resistance.

Christa Sommerer is an internationally renowned media artist working in the field of interactive computer installation. In her lecture she will elaborate on her work Mobile Feelings II shown in the DEAF04 exhibition.

Other speakers are media theorist Arjen Mulder, biologist Tijs Goldschmidt, anthropologist Christopher Kelty, economist Loretta Napoleoni, and neurologist Karim Nader. The symposium is moderated by philosopher Manuel DeLanda.

For program details and reservations check http://www.deaf04.nl/symposium


In the Tactical Urban Map Hack workshop locative media artists will work together with the public in the creation of open maps; the content produced by the workshop being consolidated in an online digital map that will be displayed live within the Cartographic Command Center at the festival location. Check http://www.deaf04.nl/maphack

DEAF04 - Affective Turbulence: The Art of Open Systems
Tuesday 9 November - Sunday 21 November 2004
Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Contact for information & reservations:
Tel. + 31 (0)10 750 28 90
Fax + 31 (0)10 750 28 94
E-mail: tickets@v2.nl