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Peter Horvath @ Pace Digital

Pace Digital Gallery
is pleased to present:

A solo exhibition featuring 4 artworks for the internet
curated by Jillian Mcdonald
163 William Street, New York
Oct 12 - Dec 12, 2004. Tues - Sat 10am - 6pm

contact: digitalgallery@pace.edu www.pace.edu/digitalgallery

"Formally, I see myself as a participant and investigator in the realm of new media art as it exists on the web. The Web in its binary aspect mirrors the process of choice-making by which we navigate our environments, making it an ideal medium to discuss issues relating to the realm of subjective experience. Conceptually my work derives from and revolves around my unchanging curiosity about the nature of identity and consciousness. Through my work I attempt to address the difference between conscious and subconscious identity and drives. I orchestrate layers of history, including journal entries, sketches, written records, video, photographs, music, voice and general sound loops, resulting in a atmospheric investigation into states of being."

Peter Horvath works in video, sound, photo-based and new media. He immersed himself in digital technologies at the birth of the Web, co-founded 6168.org, a site for net.art, and adopted techniques of photo-montage which he uses in his net based and 2D works. Exhibitions include the Whitney Museum Of American Art‘s Artport, the 17th Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Stuttgart, Germany) FILE 2004 (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Video Zone International Video Art Biennial (Tel Aviv, Israel) the Thailand New Media Art Festival (Bangkok, Thailand), the Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec (Quebec City, Canada). He is a founding member of the net.art collective Hell.com.