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Aktionen of Domenico Olivero

You are invited to visited the art-show "Aktionen" of Domenico Olivero, part of the cycle "Resonance - The art of the attention"

Vernissage Saturday 6 November to 15,30.

Confiding in your presence, we remain to complete disposition for further information and for the possible dispatch of photos or information and we gather the occasion to offer you our more kindest regards.

Dejan Bosjakovic

Press release, with prayer of publication:

Aktionen of Domenico Olivero

From 9th through 20th November
Art exhibition, mix media
Bookstore Janus P.zza Europa, 24 Cuneo (Italy) tel:+39.0171.698800
Time-table: Tue - Sat 09,30-12,30 / 15,30 - 19,30
Free entrance.

In the different days of the exhibition some history actions created by Joseph Beyus in the 1964, will be taken. While in the bookstore the artist will prepare some panels with some famous reflections by J.Beyus:

"The man is the custodian of an energy that can modify the world: in the social, cultural, aestheticall and, ecological sense, "
"A relevant element of such trial is the "creativeness". It channels the energy inside the man, that enriches every instant of the way of living, and any object created by him. This is the soul of the artistic touch. Up from this the meeting between the "artistic man" and the "creative man."
"So that the daily like becomes Art. "
"The free man is the man who acts in a creative way. "
"Art is not a material concept, but an anthropological demand. "
" we are the revolution"

Inauguration Saturday 6 November to 15,30. Bookstore Janus Piazza Europe 24 Cuneo. Schedule of opening from Tuesday to Saturday from the 09,30 at 12,30 / 15,30 at 19,30 - free entrance.

This exhibition is part of a project for the entire year of 2004 that will take place in the Cuneo area of Italy. It is a meditative crossing by the artist on the subject of being in a particular place, influenced by a particular cultural tradition, as in this case by his sub-Alpine province. These works will be created by including social and family elements seen directly by the artist towards the discovery of his original hypothesis. The new will project take on the all-inclusive name of "Resonance: the Art of Attention".

I’d greatly appreciate if this invitation could be published.
Kindest regards.

other text e photo http://xoomer.virgilio.it/domenico.olivero1/resonaceweb
cell +39.328.2159521

Supported by Fondazione +Xarte.

general programme

28/1-20/2/04"\_7" azione visiva presso lo spazio Albume di Cuneo.
12-26/02/04"Source" intervento urbano nel centro di Cuneo.
06-20/03/04"tivogliobenemakefatica" azione artistica presso radio/tv locali.
15-30/04/04"27Aprile" installazione presso il Plaid di Cuneo.
08-15/05/04"Monjoie" scultura, presso la Fondazione Peano.
12-26/06/04"C'era sempre del dolce" sculture presso “Senzatamburinetrombette”.
03-17/07/04"Antesna" intervento ambientale al Nuvolari Libera Tribu di Cuneo.
06-29/08/04 "Lippa" camminata artistica da Paglieres (Italia) a Grasse (Francia).
12/09/04 "Pluch" video performance in Cuneo.
16-24/10/04"Dispacci" manifesti nel centro storico di Cuneo.
09-20/11/04"Aktionen" mostra presso la libreria Janus in Cuneo
12-31/12/04"Ordito" progetto web.