Live* from CICADA ~ online sound art exhibition

  • Location:
    Ogden, Utah +

Live* from CICADA

...presents the work of twenty artists working in sound. For this exhibition, each audio work has been processed with an impulse response recording made within the the physical space of CICADA. By treating each piece with the natural reverberant qualities found within the approximately 1,325 cubic foot gallery space, a hypothetical performance takes place where the sonic works made in disparate locations now aurally appear to have been originally performed within the same subterranean structure.

Live* from CICADA is the recorded document of this conceptual event.

Momma Tried (New Orleans, LA)
Katherine Louise Boehm (New York, NY)
Brandon Locher (New York, NY)
Amanda Brannin (Austin, TX)
Kricket Lane (Hudson, NY)
Niall O’Connor (Robertstown, Kildare, Ireland)
Hallie McNeill (New York, NY)
Sam Mullany (Richmond, VA)
Simon Hutchinson (New Haven, CT)
Budd Dees (Gainesville, FL)
Lisa Hall (London, England)
Nathan Tersteeg (Richmond, VA)
Liam Ze’ev O’Connor (Chicago, IL)
Nance Davies (Boston, MA)
Elena Dahl (Yellow Springs, OH)
Josh Rodenberg (Richmond, VA)
Forest Kelley (Athens, GA)
Jen Clay (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Patrick Harkin (Richmond, VA)
Melanie Clemmons (Dallas, TX)

CICADA is an artist-run initiative located 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City in Ogden, Utah. Situated below ground level, the space operates as an alternative venue for the physical presentation and digital dissemination of contemporary artworks.