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no-org.net newsletter # 6 

no-org.net newsletter # 6 

[1]  data/reference/art  - The third net-art exhibition of no-org.net, is launched, you are welcome to visit it:

[2]  Art Keywords - Collaborative dictionary of the 21st century art.
      Call for entries

[4]  no-org.net participated Sept. 1-5 in the Werkleitz 6th Biennale, as part of the "Network of Commons"
    "an excerpt of the many and diverse activities and projects that have originated in the past years on the Internet
    surrounding the debates on intellectual property, the generation of alternative forms of access, communication and
    knowledge platforms, the production of non-proprietary tools, and the genesis of commons, i.e. activist communities.
    The intention is not to present an art show of the best projects on the net, but an impression on different projects that
    operate distributed across the globe and can be read (hypothetically in their entirety of an imagined "Network of Commons")
    as alternative conceptions to global corporate structures…"

    visit: http://www.werkleitz.de/events/biennale2004/index.html
[3]    Heara 8 - Comment on Hospitals and Schools, next independent art event of 
       organized in occasion of the publishing of the new issue of (H)earat Shualym - Independent 
       Art Magazine, which will take place on Thursday 11th, November, at the Former Mission and Hadassah
       Hospital and actual International School, Hanevvim st., Jerusalem, 17:00-24:00
       Further info soon


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