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Contemporary visual and conceptual proposals
4 euros. 200 pages.

Nº 8:
Mark Amerika
Net artist and writer. Digital art professor at the University of Colorado (USA).

Eduardo Kac
Artist and writer. Investigates the philosophical and political implications of communication processes. Teacher of art andtechnology at Chicago institute of art Member of the editorial board of the journal Leonardo.

Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Artist and researcher. Disruptive Design Team, Networking and Telecommunications Research GroupTrinity College Dublin,Ireland.

Peter Bosch
Artist. Studied psychology at the Universities of Leiden and Amsterdam and sonology at the Royal Conservatory in TheHague.

Simone Simons
Artist. Studied at the audiovisual department of the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academyin Amsterdam.

Arcangel Constantini
Net artist. Active resident of not - such.org and healer of the Cyberlounge at TamayoMuseum of Contemporary Art, Mexico.

Steve Sacks
Founder and director of Bitforms, the first art gallery entireydevoted to digital art in its various forms.

Ricardo Iglesias
Net artist. He is a teacher in several design schools in Barcelona and a coordinator of special projects for the Internet atthe MACBA.

Jose Luis Brea
Art critic, Ph.D. Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of Contemporary Art at theUniversity of Castilla-La Mancha, he is the editor of Estudios Visuales Magazine.

Alberto Lomas
Artist. Bachelor in Fine Arts. He participates in seminars, workshops and festivals.

Alexei Shulgin
Artist, curator and musician. One of the pioneers of the artistic use of the World Wide Web, and also becameone of the most outspoken artist-critics of the net.art movement.Professor at the Pro Arte media lab in St. Petersburg.

Jose M. Escribano Serrano (Flavio)
Collaborator Teacher in the field of Video Games in the Master on DigitalCreation and Communication, University of Coruna.

Luis Hernandez
Director of the Master on Digital Creation and Communication, University of Coruna. Director of videLab,University of Coruna.

Ricardo Dominguez
Pioneer of net activism, a founding member of the Critical Art Ensemble and the Electronic DisturbanceTheatre. He is now a cyberactivist and artist, exploring the intersections of net.art, online performance,activism, and cultural theory.

Juan Martin Prada
Art critic and professor of theory of new media in different PhD. masters and postgraduate, is permanent lecturer at the University of Cadiz.

Antonio Cerveira Pinto
Conceptual Artist, writer, pedagogue and cultural producer. Founder and director of the Aula do Risco. Director of the Gallery Quadrum.