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Sean Higgins and Chiaki Watanabe with Brian Maniere at vertexList

VertexList space has the pleasure to present recent works by Sean Higgins and Chiaki Watanabe with Brian Maniere.

The opening reception will take place on Saturday, September 18th 2004, 7pm - 9pm.

The reception will be followed by audiovisual live perfo rmances by chiaki (visuals) with "Poles" (Sylvia Mincewicz and Peter Fedak) (9 - 10 pm).

The exhibition will be on display until Sunday, October 10th 2004.

Sean Higgins lives and works in downtown Los Angeles. He has shown in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia.
Recent shows in Los Angeles include “Viewfinder” at Sabina Lee Gallery and “filesharing.001” at Art Front.

Sean Higgins’s computer print paintings are as much contemporary landscape as they are dreamscape. The Los Angeles based
artist’s pieces have been called “foggy surveillance wizardry” and transgress his genre, requiring viewers to consider statement rather
than simply setting. These new works are meditations on enhanced reality, where the present and past, interface and location,
the real and imagined, meld into one.

Chiaki Watanabe is a visual artist with interests in performance media, experimental music and film. Her works range from live
audiovisual performance to mixed media installation, video, and motion graphics. s he creates abstract video/animations -
"motion paintings" that combine aspects of minimalist and organic aesthetics. She has been experimenting with interactions
between visuals and sounds extensively with various types of sounds. Chiaki explores synest hesia - cross sense modality to
create a hybrid collaborative art form. Her work has been presented/exhibited at various video venues in US, Europe and
Japan, including New York Video Festival, Viper new media film festival (CH), ICA Cinema - VJ Culture(UK), Unitygain TV(NY),
and the X-fest experimental video festival(NY). She also has performed and collaborated live visuals with various types of
musicians in New York at The Kitchen, The Knitting Factory, Remote Lounge, Galapagos, Tonic, Dance Theater Workshop and
The Tank.

URL: http://nicknack.org/

Brian Maniere is an interactive multimedia artist, computer programmer, and experimental electronic musician. He is interested in order
on the verge chaos. His past projects include the design and manufacture of analog electronic controllers for live musical performance,
improvised analog electronic sound composition, and interactive algorithmic digital visual art. His work is meditative and mesmerizing,
playful and unsettling. Prior New York e xhibitions include shows at the Chelsea Gallery, Tonic, and the Frying Pan.

Flow is an experimental audiovisual installation comprised of abstract visuals(video) and sounds. It explores a personal view
of change and continuity within the flow of lif e. A series of video images (representing 12 feelings/emotions) is projected onto
the circular screen that represents the constant cycle of life. As an audience moves around the projection,
a movement of the audience triggers the visuals and sounds. Int errogations on being part of the flow of life, balancing
constant changes and continuity with abstract expressions are the intentions of the work.

Concept and Video by Chiaki Watanabe ; Interaction, Sound, & Programming by Brian Maniere

VertexList ga llery hours are Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2pm -7pm, or by appointment.

email: info@vertexlist.net
tel: 646 258 3792