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The Screamer

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To scream in Armenia and be heard on a square in the center of Geneva: an opportunity given to anybody thanks to a microphone on the Square Charles Aznavour in the heart of downtown Yerevan. An artistic performance is organized every evening at 6pm (GMT +1) from September 3 to 11. When nobody shouts, speaks or sings, the background noises of the public space will any time be perceptible.

To Be Heard
The Screamer is a device for one way communication. Such a communication is naturally perceived as a scream or a howling. In the heart of a festival animating the Genevan cultural life, the Screamer opens a space of reflection on the relations between the centers and the peripheries of the world. But due to the reversal of the habitual communication flows, it also touches on the good old fantasy of the Orient: in France, one burns "Armenian paper" to purify the air in the appartments… In the other end, Geneva is a sort of emblem of a prosperous Occident, which stands for democracy and human rights. Apart from the artistic perfomances on the program, anyone can take the microphone and send her or his sounds to the West.

Friday 3.9. Hover - choir
Saturday 4.9. Doudouk Quartet
Sunday 5.9. Grigor Khatchatrian et Azat - sound performances
Monday 6.9. Sayat-Nova
Tuesday 7.9. Sanctus - quartet vocal
Wednesday 8.9. Violette Grigorian, Marine Petrossian, Karen Gharslian - contempory poetry
Thursday 9.9. Ani - quartet
Friday 10.9. Vahan Artsrouni - songs
Saturday 11.9. Dj Sam Apollo, Garry Spectrum, Mad Dee Jay, Mighty’K, INZEST rock group

Project carried out within the Festival de la Batie .

With the support of Armenian Telephone Company , Fondation Armenia (Geneva), Union armenienne de Suisse, Association Courants d’Art (La Reunion), Mr V. Gabrache, Mr G. Clement, Mr et Mrs A. et C. Bagdjian.

Special thanks to Marine Karoyan, Eva Khachatrian, Provisoire organisation