HTMlles Festival | Beyond the # — Failures and Becomings | Edition 13 | Nov 1 — 5

  • Location:
    Montreal (Québec, Canada)

Studio XX is launching the 13th edition of HTMlles, a festival of media arts and digital culture, taking place from November 1st to 5th in a dozen locations across Montreal.

#MeToo #MoiAussi #Uvangalu #YoTambien #QuellaVoltaChe גםאנחנו #أنا_كمان# shook the foundation of oppressive systems. What’s next?

The upcoming edition of the HTMlles festival is an artistic response to the recent waves of online declarations. "Beyond the # — Failures and Becomings" looks at the role of digital technologies in this new space of expression, the reclaiming of voice, as well as obstacles and ways to successfully move forward. Artists, activists, and theorists redefine the foundations of success and failure and imagine new, emancipatory perspectives. The festival brings together exhibitions, discussions, a video screening, workshops, and performances.

HTMlles is the only feminist media arts festival in Canada. Initiated in 1997 by the artist-run centre Studio XX, HTMlles is a key event for communities of artists, activists, and scholars interested in media arts and digital culture exploring multiple feminist perspectives. This edition is possible thanks to the collaboration of 9 local partners, the participation of 2 international festivals, and features the work of 24 artists, both local and international.

▶ Festival Dates: November 1 -5, 2018

▶ Full program:

Programming partners: OBORO, Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV), articule, LA CENTRALE galerie Powerhouse, Studio 303, TAG Research Center, Feminist Media Studio, IGSF et Xangle-Éric Paré.