• Location:
    DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] 41 Seabring St 3rd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11231

Dream Beat is a contemporary wellness party ritual drawing together creative radicals, visionaries and those who wish to connect to the divinity found in the mind, sacred arts and nature.

Co-led by Undakova & High Prieztezz Or Nah plus rotating featured artists, our Dream Beat events will allow you to collectively practice holistic techniques designed to cultivate strength of mind and body, clarity of vision and total heart expansion.

This month's ritual falls on a New Moon in Virgo coinciding with the release of UNDAKOVA & Or Nah's VITAMIX EP, a hip hop yoga visual album filmed in Thailand. Come celebrate this momentous occassion and SOUND-OFF in a VITAMIX inspired cipher. Free VITAMIX downloads for all attendees.

Discounted tickets @ $10 are available until September 1st. Tickets are $20 thereafter, $25 OTD.

Doors close at 8pm to hold sacred space

This Month's Featured Artists :

- Hip Hop Yoga Cipher led by Undakova
- Heart-warming Cacao Invocation
- Dance warm up led by Charlotte Cwikowski
- Sound vibrations and astrological forecasting
- Crystalline sound bath savasana by High Prieztezz Or Nah

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