Digital Artist Creates Augmented Reality Glitched Sculpture for the Smithsonian and National Cathedral

  • Location:
    Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building and the National Cathedral

Digital Artist creates Augmented Reality Art in the Smithsonian and National Cathedral.
Brooklyn-based, new media artist Marjan Moghaddam will be exhibiting two commissioned Augmented Reality, mobile app-based, Digital Sculpture projects as part of the By the People Arts Festival in Washington DC from June 20th to June 24. Her AR project Autonomous, is geo tagged for the Smithsonian Arts and Industry Building, and We The People is geo-tagged for the National Cathedral.
The artist who has gone viral on the internet with her Mixed Reality #Arthacks on Instagram, was commissioned by Washington DC based digital Art Center Artechouse to create two of her signature style glitched and animated figures for the By The People Arts Festival as Augmented Reality apps with the theme of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The city-side festival is organized by Halcyon Arts.
For the festival, Artechouse created a mobile, Augmented Reality, Art Hunt experience, modeled after Pokemon Go, spread out in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Five artists, including Marjan Moghaddam, were commissioned to deliver a single AR app each. This is the first, city-wide, mobile-based, Augmented Reality, digital, public art exhibition in the US, of this kind. Ms. Moghaddam then delivered two AR projects which act as a pair, exploring the theme of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through both an individual and also a collective experience.
Marjan is an Iranian American artist who immigrated to the US in 1979 and explains, “Given the extent to which immigrants and refugees can sometimes be marginalized nationally and globally, this project had a lot of personal resonance for me. I wanted to create digital art pieces that exemplified these democratic ideals in a manner that reminded us of our common goals and aspirations”. Ms. Moghaddam then blended her signature figural vocabulary and contemporary glitched style with sculptural and art historical references, in both animated sculptures, as public art.
Marjan Moghaddam is a Brooklyn, based, pioneering and award-winning digital artist, animator and new media artist who has been exhibiting her work at galleries, festivals and museums since the 1980s. Most recently, she was shortlisted for the International Digital Sculpture prize for her Mixed Reality #Arthacks on Instagram, and exhibited an Augmented Reality app animated sculpture at the Ulm museum in Germany. Ms Moghaddma’s #arthacks have gone viral on the internet with millions of views on Instagram and Facebook. She started the #Arthack project on Instagram in 2016 as part of expanding and democratizing the art exhibition space, while engaging in a critical dialog with the art market. Marjan is a tenured and Full Professor of CGI at the Brooklyn campus of Long Island University.