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Artists Airshow Farnborough UK

Artists Airshow - an Arts Catalyst event

Former Royal Engineering Workshops, Farnborough, Hants, UK
Sunday September 12 1PM-6PM
Free entry by reservation, places are limited so book as soon as possible.

A day of art and flying in and around Europe's largest wind tunnel

Join us in discovering one of Britain's 'secret places', the now deserted research facility where supersonic flight was developed and the ghosts of sixties rocket projects linger.

Right next to the runway used for the official Farnborough Airshow are the abandoned wind tunnels, test tanks and life-size helicopter flight simulators where secret projects were developed during the second world war and the cold war. Saved from demolition, they will now be developed into a heritage centre and business park.

Selected artists, working with ideas of flight, will present a day of
process-based works and experiments for a limited audience, with guided tours of the wind tunnels.

Simon Faithfull will present 'Escape Vehicle no.6', a live version of his acclaimed video work '30km', launching a meteorological balloon with live TV transmission to the edge of space.

Anne Bean will perform, in a fleeting moment, pyrotechnic sky drawings.

Stefan Gec, with Neal White, will show part of his work 'The Celestial Vault' recorded in the giant centrifuge at Moscow's Star City, in Europe's largest wind tunnel.

Louise K Wilson will present a work based on flight simulation, stunt-flying and Britain's lost technological heritage

Tim Knowles will use the wind to make randomised balloon drawings.

Australian artist Zina Kaye will show documentation and talk about her 74cc 3 metre wingspan surveillance airplane 'Observatine'.

Flow Motion's Dissolve will be screened in the Transonic Wind tunnel, where supersonic flight was first tested.

Marko Peljhan will give a talk about the S-77CCR (http://www.s-77ccr.org) project, which has ties to the Vienna anti-government demonstrations of 2000.

Luke Jerram will show his new work 'Ghost Plane' in the darkness of one of the wind tunnel chambers.

Miles Chalcraft presents Tear-rain, in which a two-stage rocket showers the site with tears.

Guided tours, organised by the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, will be given by the engineers who once worked in the facility.

Please email us names of those attending. You must be on the list of people attending to get on to the site to: info@artscatalyst.org

Further instructions will be mailed to you if we still have places