alternative barter: a new method of exchange?

  • Location:
    b[x] space to create 203 Harrison Place 3rd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11237

an evening of art, discussion, curiosity, and discovery
: block 0: alternative barter: a new method of exchange?

panel discussion: 7pm - 8pm
reception: 8pm - 11pm
Panel Discussion

Blockchain technologies are set to shape the future. The series of panel discussions want to stimulate the conversation about what art can bring to blockchain and vice-versa. The contributors to this project are individuals; thinking, sharing and creating awareness about the implications on the economic, social and even psychological aspects of a technology that is very hard to conceptualize and explain. Like the internet in the 90’s blockchain is a complex and abstract entity often difficult to visualize.

In this sense, interventions coming from the art world and creative industries, are vital to understanding it, playing a central role to propose new ideas of exchange, value, ownership, and collecting. AltCoins, crypto tokens, smart contracts and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations DAOs are tools that artists and art platforms could use to experiment with new ways to barter, social organization, collaboration, artistic production, and distribution.

In this first conversation, we want to explore how we might produce, exchange and value things differently in the age of big data and the blockchain.

Panelists: Jessica Angel, Sarah Meyohas, Roni Rose, John Zettler

Moderator: Noah Workman


What is Alternative Barter? Is it digital bartering? Is it a new type of currency? Which types of effort and motivation play a role in this field? What is value and who decides what the value of something is? In this exhibition, we explore the possibility of alternative bartering with the idea of value and concept. The 6 artists in the show investigate and contribute to the dialogue on different levels by using found objects, digital animations, and blockchain-based work.

Artists: Hyun Cho, Primavera De Filippi, Julie Gratz, Susan Luss, Mano Penalva, Julian Zuluaga

Curator: Pia Coronel