Runetech and the Valley of the Silent Immortals

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Big Toe Gallery is proud to present "Runetech and the Valley of the Silent Immortals", a solo exhibition by artist David J Torres II.

Exhibition Dates: June 1, 2018- Augsut 31, 2018

Please visit to view the exhibition, and to learn more about Big Toe.

About Runetech and the Valley of the Silent Immortals:

“Welcome to the world of Runetech, and the Valley of the Silent Immortals. I am Ravik, lord and creator of this planet. Using the virtual landscape as a facilitator, I explore the psychokinetic and handicraft elements of my world and its people. Using the implications of human presence embedded Runetech’s aesthetics I highlight the mythology, stories, and secrets that help contextualize Runetech’s past, present, and soon to be future. These moments of presence felt and seen shine a lens on the tactile and ephemeral qualities of Runetech post utopia setting. Join me as I explore these embers of memories, left by the both the inhabitants and Runetech itself – some spoken by far way echoes, some left behind as remnants of a lost civilization.”

About David J Torres II:

Born in West Palm Beach, FL, David Torres is interested in the history of stories where the unseen forces of morality are at work. The PTSD factor embedded in culture has drawn David's work to the idea of the “hero” as an empathic ideal for people to aspire to. David Torres is also interested in the illusion and delusional discussions that surround the complexities of the racial, sexual, religious, aging; old and young identities in culture. As a way of investigating these identities David Torres created “Riakman”, an alter ego, designed under the influences of 1990’s anime, video games, and his father’s middle school drawings. By channeling “Riakman”, David finds pathways through high art and popular culture. Through “Riakman”, David tells stories within his fictional planet “Runetech” about a way of being in the world. Exploring a narrative with an embedded nostalgia for the future is the illusion David Torres uses to contend with the disillusions that exist within culture.