Lisbon Almost (Im)Possible

  • Location:
    Todos Rua. Pereira Henriques 3, 1950 Lisbon

Join us for a Speculative and Critical Design collaboration workshop, engaging diverse professional creatives to design around a fictional premise about a not-too-distant Lisbon of tomorrow as a way to be more critical and more radical when we think about the future. The workshop, created by Imagination of Things, guides participants in building the fictional premise through methodologies and creative exercises. Unlike the typical idea of a “workshop”, where the focus is on learning, this is an opportunity to engage with creative peers in project development, initiated by this unlikely design proposition, with the end result being a final presentation of conceptual prototypes.

The unique model of this workshop is to collaboratively create a fictional world, not to solve an existing problem, but to understand better our social and systemic constraints and discover the possibilities to break through them. The resulting prototypes serve as practical insights into complex problems, using fictional storytelling for creative epiphanies, systemic thinking, and a way to critique our current reality.

More than interesting objects and experiences, the workshop has the ambition to lead to the creation of better futures. As transmedia producers, transdisciplinary thinkers, and inventors, let's facilitate collaboration across even more diverse skillsets, broaching new boundaries in a quest to exercise better ownership of our networked imagination.

The workshop will be in Portuguese with content and interventions in English. Therefore it is important to have some proficiency in both languages.

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