Human Entities 2017 Talk 4 – Mark Coeckelbergh

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    Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Campo Santa Clara 142-145, 1100-474 Lisbon, Portugal Wednesday 22 November, 2017, 18.30 - 20.30

Human Entities: culture in the age of artificial intelligence – 2nd edition 2017
Talk 4 – Mark Coeckelbergh
Wednesday 22 Novemberr, 2017, 18.30 - 20.30
Final talk in the 2017 programme.
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Can artificial agents create art?
Towards thinking about human/non-human performances
Mark Coeckelbergh (BE/AT)
University of Vienna

Many current visions about the future of artificial intelligence either focus on dystopian scenarios and existential risk, or uncritically dream of new ways of human enhancement, as for instance some versions of transhumanism.

These ways of approaching the topic are unhelpful, however, in dealing with the challenges of artificial agents in the near future. They also tend to exclude reflection on the social and cultural dimension of the issue, including the more constructive and creative possibilities of how humans and artificial agents may collaborate and co-create.

In this talk, Mark Coeckelbergh discusses the question whether artificial agents can create art and proposes to give a cultural, social, and moderately posthumanist twist to the question.

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Human Entities: culture in the age of artificial intelligence
Public talks October – November 2017

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