Until the End of the World, a Solo Exhibition from Carla Gannis

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    DAM GALLERY, Berlin Seydelstr. 30, 10117 Berlin
 Tel: +49 30 28098135
 E-Mail: office(at)dam.org
 Wednesday - Friday: 1 - 6 PM
 Saturday: 12 - 4 PM
 And by appointment

For her first solo exhibition with DAM Gallery, Gannis provides new hybrid transcriptions of her three-year long project, ”The Selfie Drawings,” including an augmented reality wallpaper installation, a 3D printed sculpture referencing Courbet’s “Origins of the World” and an animated video work “Until the End of the World,” for which the exhibition is eponymously titled. The video connects and amplifies narrative components threaded throughout the selfie project, and is inspired by a sequence in the 1991 Wim Wenders film “Until the End of the World” where a woman is addicted to watching her dreams in a small, handheld device.

Gannis's work does not only gain historicity with her paraphrasing of canonized artists, such as Courbet, but in how she persistently challenges our perceptions of femininity, identity and aesthetics.

3D Printing: Mark Parsons
"Origins of the Universe," 3D sculpture printed from gypsum and glue, 27.96cm x 9.27cm x 21cm, 2017

Design, Production and Fabrication: Luke Lazin
Design: Cleveland Adams
"Augments in a Valise," Plexiglas valise containing replicas of augmented reality works, 40.7cm x 38.1cm x 10.2 cm, 2017

Audio Assistance: Rick Van Benschoten
"Until the End of the World" HD 3D animated video, 6 min, 2017

Studio Assistance: Rebecca Singer and Meiting Wang

DAM Gallery: Wolf Lieser, Director and Katharina Leser, Gallery Assistant