Shits Fucked : Send Help!

  • Location:
    119 Ludlow St

ONE DAY ONLY ON VIEW: October 14th /// 7pm to 11pm
Sponsored free drinks 7pm to 9pm.

Fundraiser For:
Las Vegas Victims Fund
Puerto Rico

All original artwork 8" x 10"

Tickets : $30

Exchange your ticket with one piece of artwork

100% of all ticket and artwork sales will evenly split between Direct Relief (an organization providing supplies and medicine to Puerto Rico) and a GoFundMe set up by Steve Sisolak, the Clark County Commission Chair for Las Vegas.

We're a huge fan of transparency and we'll be sharing our system of monies being raised here and on social media to ensure everyone can see how much money is being raised and that 100% of that money is getting to the charities.

Questions, send us an email anytime!

Moody Rose Christopher
Rich Miller aka FilthyRich
Sara Erenthal
Linda Vigdor
Brandon Wisecarver
Brian Shevlin
Feliz Cachapero
Tako Venus
Candy Warhol
Untamed Anatomy