Some Things That May Be Helpful At Some Point : New work by David Fullarton

  • Location:
    The Compound Gallery 1167 65th st. Oakland, CA 94608 

These are grim times. We live in a world overflowing with stupidity, intolerance, and pointless suffering. David Fullarton’s latest body of work represents a stubborn refusal to treat the seriousness of our malaise with any respect. In an ambitious, but probably futile attempt to compete with the ridiculousness of reality, these mixed media assemblages continue his ongoing quest to find our atrocious situation amusing. This is art that laughs in the face of our anxieties and ruthlessly skewers our fears, failures and shared fragility. Mr Fullarton apparently intends his droll dissection of the ever-increasing absurdity of modern existence to be of help in our struggle to cope with the human predicament. And in times like these we can use all the help we can get.

Exhibition duration : October 21-December 10th
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 21st 6-9pm
Closing Reception and Artist Talk: Sunday, December 10th 3-6pm (Talk is at 4pm)

The Compound Gallery
1167 65th st. Oakland, CA 94608 
Hours: Wed-Sun 12-7pm 
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