Becoming Posthuman

  • Location:
    Boston, MA
(still open for submissions!)

ḿ͝u̵lt̵í̕m͝e͠ḑ̴ia || c͢yb̶e҉̵͢r͞a͠rt̵
event & pop-up exhibition to take place in the physical realm of Boston, MA.

included in the festivities will be small workshops and talks & F̘̻͉Ư͔̬̘͔͈̗̜͕̳N̴̨̤̟̦̦ musical performances scheduled at night.

but most importantly this will be an art show with screens, projectors, prints, sculpture and installation.

our idea of posthumanism is not anti-humanism, but rather a proposal to examine and question the historical notions of “human nature”, and challenge typical notions of human subjectivity and embodiment.

the show aims to touch on themes and topics such as digital intimacy, online identity, computer graphics, internet of things, cyber-poetry, and much, much more.

there will be a photobooth where you can get 3d scanned!

f e a t u r i n g :

✰MSHR ( {video}
✰Oracle Plus ( {video}
✰Nick Montfort (
✰Tristan Whitehill (of Euglossine)(
✰Christopher Konopka (
✰Kara Stokowski (
✰Deb Step (

with sets from:
✰Lychee ( )
✰Cabo Boing (virtual / live performance tbd) (
✰J Bagist (
✰Joe Mygan (
✰Shawn E. Lewis (Lesionread) (

(more artists and musicians tba!!)

$15 suggested
$10 before day of show

(bring your own USBs)