GAMBA Artist Residency

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 15, 2017, midnight
  • Location:
    Brooklyn, NY

GAMBA Magazine and Brooklyn Wildlife Creative Services Firm came together to create GAMBA Artist Residency. They are located in Brooklyn, NY and therefore have a plethora of resources, venues, galleries, networks and independent partnerships that make the residency desirable and connected.

GAMBA is a provocative and familial artist community, inspired by the goal to challenge set truths through the generation of authentic, momentary, boundless, art. Chris Carr, the creator of Brooklyn Wildlife, and Melissa Hunter Gurney, an independent writer/educator, set out to display raw thought and consistent collaboration without the pressures and restrictions that come with certain aspects of mainstream culture. The community, and a diverse set of ventures, spurred from extensive conversations about accessibility of independent and international artists who avidly practice their craft but may not be recognized in the public eye.

GAMBA Artist Residency roots from a commitment to independent artist who make, or would like to make, a sustainable living doing what they love and care about. They are looking for artists interested in joining a team of independents who not only consider themselves artists but who also care about navigating and understanding ownership, autonomy, creative control/distribution. They look at independent lifestyles as sufficient, community oriented and unfiltered. Literary and visual artists as well as musicians and performance artists whose ideas and goals are rooted in passion and thoughtfulness without the politics of mainstream culture are not only welcome but encouraged to apply.