Latin American Media Art Temporary Library, at ISEA2017, Manizales, Colombia

  • Location:
    ISEA2017 - “Teatro de Fundadores,” Manizales, Colombia.

Just published in the "New Media Caucus: HUB" --an interview by Pat Badani with Alessandro Ludovico and Andrés Burbano who co-organized the Latin American Media Art Temporary Library, a scholarly, participatory intervention, that took the form of a large book display installed at the “Teatro de Fundadores” (Manizales, Colombia), the main venue for two media art events: ISEA2017 and 16th Festival International de la Imágen, held concurrently from June 11 to 18, 2017. Attendees were encouraged to browse through the collection and also add to the existing archive by donating and depositing pertinent publications on the display unit – with the surrounding space becoming a ‘hub’ for conversation and exchange.
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