Announcing Radical Networks 2017

  • Location:
    Chemistry Creative, 305 Ten Eyck St, Brooklyn, NY, 11206

October 19-22, 2017 at Chemistry Creative in Brooklyn, NY.

Radical Networks is an annual festival and conference that celebrates the free and open Internet. It fosters critical discussion on contemporary issues that include surveillance, the spread of misinformation, ownership of personal data, and the increasing opacity of "The Cloud". It also considers networking technology as an artistic medium, featuring works that run the gamut from ethical hacks to creative experiments to live performances.

In its third year, Radical Networks expects over 250 artists, activists, community organizers, journalists, technologists, and educators from around the world for talks, tech demos, hands-on workshops, and artworks that take a look under the hood of the Internet. Geared towards total beginners, our workshops provide opportunities for the public to not only learn how to protect themselves online, but experiment with alternative networks as a means of creative and critical expression.

Why do all this? We see Radical Networks as a form of resistance to both the over-commercialization of the Internet and the mass surveillance we’re all subjected to daily. We posit that a basic understanding of how the Internet works is not only culturally relevant, but essential given how much of our lives are spent and stored online. Radical Networks is about empowerment through education, collaboration and mobilization - the first festival and conference of its kind in the United States.

Radical Networks is seeking support to run a great festival and keep ticket sales low. Champion freedom and creativity on the Internet by supporting our Kickstarter campaign, running from September 7 to October 5! Also note that our campaign is also the only way to secure presale tickets to the event.

The festival is organized by Sarah Grant, Amelia Marzec, and Erica Kermani, who are veterans of the art / technology scene in New York.

Chemistry Creative is located at 305 Ten Eyck St, Brooklyn, NY 11206. See the Radical Networks website for information on the participants, schedule, updates, and directions.