Post Identity - The Wrong Biennial - Call for Art

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    The Wrong Biennial - a worldwide online virtual reality art fair.

“all individuals, as heirs to the memory of mankind, are free to surpass themselves.”- Peter Sloterdijk
Identity is no longer bound by physical or genetic constraints, as the radical physical, cultural, and social changes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the 21st century deconstruct and reconstruct everything we have ever known. What is identity in this Post Digital, Post-Chromosomal world, where multiple online presences intermingle with multiple physical ones, with its various iterations of thousands of specializations, as the cloud becomes an extension of our consciousness? How are we constructing identities that surpass our limited selves, and alter our physical and digital ecosystems? And how are the new emerging aesthetics changing the landscape of art? What do we look like now that we are transcending our physical, organic, and genetic limits; and commingling with virtuality, data, and Artificial Intelligence?
Post Identity is a virtual reality online gallery responding to these disruptions. We call for works that deal with Post Identity thematically, in digital forms such as 3D CG, 2D Digital Painting, Animation, Digital video, Digital Photography, Generative and script-based works, and Post-Internet art. Our online pavilion will host these works, with additional links to online versions, and a VR Gallery exhibition will be physically shown in November.
For consideration, send 3 samples as online links: (Sketchfab, 2d Images, Vimeo/YouTube, or WebGL.) In the email include: your website, Instagram, Vimeo and/or You Tube accounts, a short Bio (no more than a 100 words), a short Artists Statement explaining how the work relates to Post Identity (no more than 100 words), and a short process statement explaining how the work is created and how it can best be exhibited in a virtual online gallery. Only the first 3 minutes of time based work on Vimeo/YouTube will be viewed (please make sure to include passwords for any private videos). Any script and or generative work must be Web GL or Unity based. Selected artists must work with the pavilion team to deliver files as per the required technical specifications, including any downward resizing that may be necessary to accommodate bandwidth restrictions. We cannot guarantee all resolutions and ask that you be prepared to work with the team to deliver low density geometry content, when, and if, necessary.
As per The Wrong’s rules, artists can participate in only one pavilion in the Biennial.
Deadline for all submissions is August 25th. Press preview of the online gallery is October 1st, and the gallery goes public November 2017.
All submissions should be emailed to
Co-curated by Daniel Durning and Sophie Baron