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Eric Singer's Miditron "MIDI to Real World" Interface at Harvestworks

Eric Singer's Miditron "MIDI to Real World" Interface
Thursday, July 1, 7-9pm

596 Broadway, Suite 602
New York, NY 10012
[Broadway at Houston: W/R Prince, 6 Bleeker, F/V Broadway/Lafayette]

Eric Singer will lecture about and demonstrate MidiTron, his new MIDI
to Real World Interface, which is now available for $149 from

MidiTron is designed to simplify the process of creating sensor and
robotics based electronic art and physical computing projects. It is
easily user configurable and provides 20 terminals of digital and
analog inputs and outputs in any combination.

The provided software and user manual guide even those with no
electronics experience through the process of creating electronic art
projects with MidiTron.

MidiTron can be used to create music controllers, VJ controllers,
MIDI instruments, dance triggers and body suits, interactive
installations, LED and light controllers, motor and robotic
controllers and more, and works perfectly together with
applications created in Max/MSP/Jitter.

For questions call Hans Tammen 212-431-1130 ext 10