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David Stout TODAY at Harvestworks


David Stout

June 25, 2004 at 7pm
596 Broadway Suite 602 NYC 10012
212.431.1130 (p) 212.431.7693 (f)

Harvestworks is pleased to present composer and video/sound artist David Stout who has been selected to receive our new Interactive Technology Project Residency. This one-year Fellowship is funded through special grants from the Rockefeller Foundation and the National Endowments of the Arts.
David will discuss his current project to create a synthetic eco-system now in the early stages of development at Harvestworks. He will also present video excerpts from, (1.) “Splinters and Assaults (2001)” - a surround screen text/sound cycle for five synchronized DVD players, (2.) “NoiseField (2003)” - an interactive video-sound environment comprised of a series of networked computers forming a single real-time recursive system, (3.) “SignalFire (2003)”, - a video-sound performance exploring interactive techniques to generate sound and image from a digitally generated stream of video noise (television snow). “SignalFire” has been presented at the Viper Festival - Basel, Audio Art Festival - Krakow, The Back-Up Festival - Weimar, ZKM - Karlsruhe, and STEIM - Amsterdam. “NoiseField” has been nominated for The International Media Art Award. A documentary on this work will be broadcast on German Suedwest - TV, French ARTE and on Swiss Television DRS.

David Stout is a video/sound artist, director, and performer who studied with Ed Emschwiller and Bill Viola. Currently performing and exhibiting with Woody and Steina Valsulka, his work in electronic media is a synthesis of music, sound, performance art and digital imaging. His productions have taken a variety of forms including single channel video, mixed media installations, electro-acoustic scores for stage and screen, and large scale theatrical events that emphasize multi-screen video projection as an extension of performer, audience and environment

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