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ART Habens Art Review, Spring 2017, Special Issue

Swiss sculptor, painter, and printmaker Alberto Giacometti once stated that “the object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”
In this new special issue of ART Habens Contemporary Art Review we have had the chance to interview 9 artists whose multifaceted practice address the viewers to challenge the notions of reality and of perceptual processes.

• Marcelina Wellmer (Germany)
• Marcus Parsons (USA)
• Tessa Ojala (FInland)
• Laurent Ziegler (France)
• Grayson Cooke (Australia)
• Holly Marie Armishow (Canada)
• Sonia Gil (Brazil)
• Ferenc Flamm (United Kingdom)
• Richard Carr (Ireland)

You can read it at https://issuu.com/arthabens/docs/art_habens_art_review_-_special_iss_a6ca4e3b6c6f28

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