Call Platform Centre for photographic and digiatal arts

  • Deadline:
    July 23, 2007, midnight

Call for Submissions - 2008/09 Programming Year

Deadline: August 15, 2007

PLATFORM: Centre for Photographic & Digital Arts invites artists, groups of artists, and curators to submit exhibition proposals for the upcoming programming year beginning May 2008.

Proposals should be directed to the Programming Committee and should include:
1) Description of proposed exhibition
2) Curriculum vitae
3) Artist statement
4) Support materials
- up to 20 slides or CD-R images (digital images must be MAC compatible, Jpeg files at 72 dpi on CD-R only)
- video NTSC compatible or DVD, max 5 minutes, cued up
- printed matter (essays, reviews, catalogues)
5) image list
6) self-addressed stamped envelope (material will not be returned if a S.A.S.E with sufficient postage is not included in submission packages)

PLATFORM is a venue for exhibition, production and education pertaining to all aspects of photo-based media. Through the creation of an interactive dialogue, we contribute to the artistic climate of regional, national, and international artists. Our primary interest regarding the exhibition of photographic projects is to showcase those artists whose work demonstrates an appropriate technical standard and challenges the aesthetic and conceptual boundaries of the medium. PLATFORM strives to showcase the scope of photographic and digital art practices, from innovations arising from the traditional print, to advances stemming from digital photographic techniques, to the outer limits where photography dissolves into other media classifications.

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