Submissions for online art journal

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 17, 2002, midnight

"I think of myself as Mary Boone with a mission"
- Tod Roulette, director, Gallery M in Harlem.

"Physically and emotionally speaking, intimate space is no longer strictly intimate. On the one hand, intimate space is monitored, obtaining those informational, bureaucratic attributes that function under the sign of surveillance. In other words, all space is at once concrete and abstract, as it is codified and assumes legislative character, becoming the stuff of coordinates. Any city is a potential target, for example, the sense of which only heightens bureaucracy's mesh with corporeality."

"I usually have an immediate and intense reaction to work. I will schedule an exhibition with an artist on the spot if there is a time slot available. I do not deliberate but tend to act straight away, I respond to work that is striking both visually and conceptually, and think that I am open in my approach."
- Artists Space curator LAURI FIRSTENBERG

"New art from Scotland, in 2002, brings to the surface evidence of strongly postmodern approaches to artmaking, while at the same time revisiting subjects or projects that appear to be almost ageless, and have often been de rigeur for artists working in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and now even Dundee."
- MARA JAYNE MILLER curator, director Miller/Geisler Gallery