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NewFangle 2004 -- 5th Annual Media Arts Show, San Francisco

NewFangle 2004
5th Annual Media Arts Show
San Francisco

Herbst Int'l Exhibition Hall
385 Moraga @ Montgomery
June 11 - 24, 2004


Northern California is the birthplace of new media and a great place to discover emerging artists and art trends. Combine these factors and the result is NewFangle 2004 — Gen Art SF’s fifth annual art exhibition featuring new work from hot young talent.

Gen Art is an arts organization seeking to strengthen communities of next generation artists and art lovers and forge connections between the arts and other fields. Artists exhibiting at NewFangle in June represent a range of new media, including video, computer game design, interactive art, and work commenting on the social effects of science and technology.

Exhibiting artists explore a wide variety of materials and viewpoints. Scott Draves’ abstract, animated flames and fractals contrast with Kenneth Hung’s animated political collages distributed over the Internet. Laura Splan finds inspiration in science and medicine, creating everything from giant Prozac pillows to sculptures made with medical supplies.

Reuben Lorch-Miller, Rainey Strauss, and Shirley Shor use computers and video projectors to create environmental installations. James Buckhouse and Katherine Isbister work with interactive technologies, including software and wireless devices, to draw viewers into their installations.

In keeping with its youthful perspective, NewFangle starts with a preview benefit reception and celebrates the exhibit’s finale with a closing party. Panelists discuss new media arts in a related event in mid-June.

Head to the Presidio to see the latest new media art at Gen Art SF’s NewFangle exhibition. See June 11 and www.genart.org for more information. — Claudia Willen