The Living Image - Opens to the public

THE LIVING IMAGE is a unique collaboration between new media artist, GRAHAM NICHOLLS, theatre designer ROMA PATEL, and site-specific artist, TRUDI ENTWISTLE as part of a series of LIFT commissions exploring the poetics and politics of London's urban landscape. The cityscapes of London provide a backdrop to our lives, passageways which we subconsciously navigate.

Exploring the concept of urban London through our memories and fantasies of city life, The Living Image brings the psychological and physical spaces together, creating an experiential relationship with the environment. A virtual reality installation The Living Image blurs distinctions between what is real and what is computer generated.

Individuals will enter a multi-sensory interactive space wearing stereoscopic glasses to allow the 3D environment to be experienced on a large screen.

Through a synergy of video, sound and the 3D space, you are invited to create your own journey within the installation as each reaction triggers a new experience.

Each experience will be unique.

The Living Image is a FREE, timed ticket event and is open 10.00-21.00, Monday to Friday.

To book your tickets call 020 7942 4040 or email

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