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Upgrade 2.0//with M. Simon Levin

Join us Wednesday, May 5 at 730 pm for a talk by M. Simon Levin.

Simon will be presenting Desalination: a space for projection - a new remote sensing project that brings fresh water to an arid and hyper-salinated land. A site specific piece for the International Performance Space in Tammin Australia, this piece will be presented as part of the Awesome Festival. He will be showing some of the key past works that have informed this new collaborative exploration.

M. Simon Levin has been creating site-based systems that explore relational aesthetics using a variety of designed forms, tools and technologies for the past 15 years. These projects investigate the often-blurred boundaries between the private and the public resulting in poetic interventions into space and place. His teaching and inter-disciplinary art practice has led him to create numerous environmentally conscious art projects for public and private spaces in Canada, USA, Mexico and Australia.

Wednesday, May 5th at 730 pm
Western Front
303 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, Canada

See you there!

Kate Armstrong


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