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Prometheus 2.0: Frankenstein Conquers the World!

Prometheus 2.0: Frankenstein Conquers the World!


Marc Garrett writes about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and looks at science and technological determinism, and humanity’s bond with digital media and social networks. It includes human-machine relations, cyborgs, theories in cyber-culture, classical and SF literature and contemporary art practices across the fields of media art, hacktivism, activism, feminism and cyberpunk. http://go.shr.lc/1v2AoRK

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the focus for this text but it also brings into the mix, Greek mythology and Prometheus - the Titan, and what the myth symbolizes, asking, in what form does he exist in the world today? It is a playful assemblage of unresolved contemplations that have been sitting around asking for light in the back of my mind. This is a stripped down version of the original study about mythology, technology, fear and revolution.