I hear about post-digital/New Media/Internet/Human/etc, ad infinitum. I believe
that this only succeeds at placing us in a fatal strategy of opposition or
refusal and makes no suggestions. For all my distrust of it, at least
New Aestheticism posited something. Surfing clubs did. Post-ing does

Post-ism paints us in the corner of refusal without proposition and
little else. It breaks the discourse into a molecular one without
any potential coherence; it is Babel-ism at its height, and paints
the writer into a corner. I think it is some to begin framing new
discourses not as "new" propositions, but as new propositions, like
perhaps the age of convergence or integrationist, or mixed-reality
art or even going back to intermedia. I am still a pluralist; not
into master narratives, but I want propositions for the present, not
mere refuznikism. I want something that says something, not just that
"We're over that", because I'm over being over things.

Patrick Lichty

Michael Connor March 10 2014 15:11Reply

Just wondering, how have you seen "postinternet" used to describe a refusenik stance? Do you mean, a refusal of net art? Or of the internet? Or of the idea of an autonomous art, separate from networked neoliberal capitalism?