History of Computer Art

The first part of the fourth chapter of "The History of Computer Art" is now online in the English translation. The missing chapters IV.2 to VIII will follow.
Chapter IV.1 on "Video Tools": URL: http://iasl.uni-muenchen.de/links/GCA-IV.1e.html

Based on an e-mail dialogue with James Seawright I prepared an update of chapter II.3.3. Now it contains detailled descriptions of the installations "Electronic Peristyle" (1968) and "Network III" (1971). URL: http://iasl.uni-muenchen.de/links/GCA-II.3e.html#Seawright

ciccariello Oct. 21 2013 20:15Reply

Here is something you may have missed. Self Portrait 1975 - Peter Ciccariello - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mbzuybvrJk