Performing Home: Art, Activism and Affections

Performing Home: Art, Activism and Affections | By Esther Belvis Pon

Esther Belvis Pon's new article focuses on the rising interest of public space; demonstrations, camps, collaborative projects, artistic interventions, community projects, social activism. Pons explores just a few names that exemplify the different forms of engagement that deal with the complexities of this radically emergent culture, and discusses its legacy that is already dismantling certain assumed thoughts about ‘the public’.

Esther Belvis Pons is a researcher-artist and educator that has worked with experimental theatre companies around Europe. She holds a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies by the University of Warwick and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her main interests include audience participation and mediatized performance, collaborative methods of research and transductive pedagogies. She collaborates with different journals as a writer and she is co-editor of Efímera, a biannual journal specialized in Live Art in Latin America and Spain.

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