'Being Social' Exhibition News. It has been Awarded a Touring Grant.

'Being Social' Exhibition News. It has been Awarded a Touring Grant.


Video of Being Social, at Furtherfield Gallery.

This video was taken at the opening of the Furtherfield Gallery in the heart of Finsbury Park, in April 2012. The show featured artists: Annie Abrahams, Karen Blissett, Ele Carpenter, Emilie Giles, moddr_, Liz Sterry and Thomson and Craighead.

"Since the mid-90s computers have changed our way of being together. First the Internet then mobile networks have grown as cultural spaces for interaction - wild and banal, bureaucratic and controlling - producing new ways of 'being social'. Visitors were invited to view art installations, software art, networked performances and get involved with creative activities to explore how our lives - personal and political - are being shaped by digital technologies."


Link to the exhibition 25 Feb - 28 April 2012.

The Being Social exhibition Tour in England.

The exhibition will now be touring 6 venues in England in 2014. Leeds (2 different venues), Blackpool, Sunderland & in the London areas of Lewisham, Hammersmith & Fulham.

In partnership with CultureCode (http://www.culturecode.co.uk/). Furtherfield will deliver a pilot tour of participatory digital art to six shopping centres in the North of England and London with the aim of establishing a sustainable touring network offering increased access and engagement in high quality art for people in places with limited arts provision. This tour has been made possible after receiving an award of £65,000 from the Arts Council of England (http://bit.ly/15bN4cP), as part of their Strategic touring programme. amounting to the total of £902,795 to 8 projects.

These touring exhibitions actively explore beyond where art is typically expected to be seen. It is our belief that the art we are engaged with, 'is' contemporary art. In contrast to the marketed and branding mythologies of mainstream art culture - our mission is to step outside of these hermetically sealed safety zones.

Furtherfield has already proven there are audiences and new collaborators interested in the culture we share, with record numbers of visitors reaching to 150 a day at our (since jan 2102) location in Finsbury Park, London.

The Internet made it possible for a revolution of critical, networked artists to explore their contemporary artistic practice on their own terms, and with others. However, we have always believed that the physical world (meat space), also plays a necessary role. But, not only in galleries. So, we are of course interested to seeing how this pilot works out - we view this as a small part of creating new forms of creatively based emancipation.

Small steps, once proposed by Mahatma Ghandi can achieve profound and enduring change.

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