Furtherfield Newsletter | FurtherNews Issue 12, July 2013

Furtherfield Newsletter | FurtherNews Issue 12, July 2013

numbermunchers from the untitled [screencaptures] series by Melissa Barron

Contemporary Art, Technology & Social Change.

Welcome to the 12th issue of FurtherNews. We have an assortment of news items including info about the current and upcoming exhibitions at Furtherfield Gallery; new reviews, articles and interviews; events; recent commissions and other projects in the neighbourhood.

This issue features work by:-

Shu Lea Cheang
Mark Amerika
McKenzie Wark
Richard Barbrook
Rosa Menkman
Alma Alloro
Melissa Barron
Nick Briz
Benjamin Gaulon
José Irion Neto
Antonio Roberts
Ant Scott
Dave Young
Mary Flanagan
Robert Jackson
Rob Myers
Thomson and Craighead at Carroll
Daniel Rourke
Patrick Lichty
Monty Cantsin
Eleanor MacFarlane