Exhibition - Glitch Moment/ums

Glitch Moment/ums

Spinning Desktop by Antonio Roberts

Saturday 08 June 2013, 2-5pm
Exhibition & Events Opening Event
Saturday 08 June 2013, 2-5pm
with glitch performance by Antonio Roberts at 3pm

Exhibition Opening times
Sunday 09 June - Sunday 28 July 2013
Open Friday to Sunday 11-5pm

Curated by Rosa Menkman & Furtherfield.

Featuring: Alma Alloro, Melissa Baron, Nick Briz, Benjamin Gaulon, José Irion Neto, Antonio Roberts and Ant Scott

“The glitch makes the computer itself suddenly appear unconventionally deep, in contrast to the more banal, predictable surface-level behaviours of ‘normal’ machines and systems. In this way, glitches announce a crazy and dangerous kind of moment(um) instantiated and dictated by the machine itself.” Rosa Menkman, 2011.

Glitches are commonly understood as malfunctions, bugs or sudden disruptions to the normal running of machine hardware and computer networks. Artists have been tweaking these technologies to deliberately produce glitches that generate new meanings and forms. The high-speed networks of creation and distribution across the Internet have provided the perfect compost to feed this international craze. This exhibition shows various approaches by artists hacking familiar hardware and their devices which include mobile phones, and kindles. They disrupt both the softwares and the digital artefacts produced by these softwares whether it be in the form of video, sound, drawing or woven glitch textiles.

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