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Lumière and Son – A Discussion, a Selective Commentary & Some Remarks.

Lumière and Son – A Discussion, a Selective Commentary & Some Remarks.



Michael Szpakowski reviews the online collaboration between Danish architect and video maker Sam Renseiw and British artist and composer Philip Sanderson. Building on a format excavated from the pioneer years of cinema in the 19th century and repurposed for the 21st, Lumière and Son is packed with networked playfulness and wit and, perhaps unexpectedly for something that is so much fun, a profound humanity.

"Sam Renseiw and Philip Sanderson’s Lumière & Son project is a near perfect and altogether exhilarating sequence of moving image lyric poetry (though lyric here does not exclude humour or the grotesque) and a demonstration of how seriality and fragment - an unfolding over time, the diaristic - has quietly become one of the fundamental modes brought stage centre by the network (so much more than the rather dull ‘interactive’ which has so quickly become the standby of the monetised digital). Impossible to watch one of these pieces without the desire to watch just one more." Szpakowski.

Michael Szpakowski is an artist, composer & writer. His music has been performed all over the UK, in Russia & the USA. He has exhibited work in galleries in the UK, mainland Europe & the USA. His short films (http://www.somedancersandmusicians.com/vlog/ScenesOfProvincialLife.cgi) have been shown throughout the world. He is a joint editor of the online video resource DVblog (http://www.dvblog.org/).