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Study of The Dancing Rhinoceri of Bangladesh

Study of The Dancing Rhinoceri of Bangladesh


Article by Yen Ooi

Yen reviews Dancing Rhinoceri of Bangladesh, an interactive poem by net artist Millie Niss, looking at the interface and reader experience, but also at the text itself, and the complexities of its reading, and at the source of its creation through technology. The Dancing Rhinoceri of Bangladesh, she says, is more than just a poem. As with all electronic literature, it requires more than just literacy to access, understand and appreciate. It is a piece of art, which carries in itself, cultural, historical, political and technological implications and meanings.

Millie Niss was known, first and foremost as a net artist. Her works tend to have interactive characteristics in them, with thought-provoking writing and the Dancing Rhinoceri of Bangladesh is exactly that, an interactive poem with a strong message.