Towards a Free/ Libre/ Open/ Source/ University

Towards a Free/ Libre/ Open/ Source/ University

Image from Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory), small-scale workshop offering digital fabrication. London.

By Paula Roush.

Paula Roush explores the growing interest in free and Open Source practices in art. This report maps out these shifting relationships in contemporary models of education both online and offline. Recent expansion of so-called ‘free culture’ has contributed to placing the debate over authorship, ownership and licensing of the artwork at the centre of artistic production. Crucially, the transformation of art in the age of global culture and the consequent move from autonomous art objects into cultural artworks and services, has resulted in the emergence of new visible tendencies.

Born in Lisbon, Paula Roush lives in London where she is an artist and lecturer at the London South Bank University and University of Westminster. More about Paula Roush -

You can find the original article on 'Collaboration and Freedom – The World of Free and Open Source Art'.

This article is part of the Furtherfield collection commissioned ( by Arts Council England for Thinking Digital, in 2011.