Furtherfield needs to raise £10,000 by the end of April 2013

Furtherfield needs to raise £10,000 by the end of April 2013.


Furtherfield - A living, breathing, thriving network for art, technology and social change since 1997.

For 16 years we have worked in solidarity with artists, techies, activists, adventurous art audiences to create and share a culture that means more to more people.

Last year 160,000 people visited Furtherfield's online platforms from around the world. At our new gallery (http://www.furtherfield.org/gallery) in the heart of Finsbury Park, North London, we have connected with over 5000 more people from the local area, visitors from across London, the UK and internationally.

We have never asked you for money before. The talent and generosity of contributors and participants and the support of Arts Council England and Haringey Council have kept the engine running till now. But if we are to go on with this work we have to ask for your help.

Please visit the Donation page to see what it pays for & how you help.

Wishing you all well.

The Furtherfield crew…