two paintings

Alex Nodopaka Aug. 16 2012 14:02Reply

Discussion between Geranium and Fat Couple

The geranium in the pot
gazes at its shadow
and with a smirk from its leaves
says with a chuckle

to its partner branch,
Look how fat that geranium
on the dirt is!
The shadow on the ground

after a short meditation replies,
It’s easier for a camel to hump
the eye of a needle
than for a fat geranium

to lay a skinny shadow.
Upon reflection they must be
Chinese Taoist philosophers
in deep contemplation of nature.

Alex Nodopaka August©2012

Michael Szpakowski Aug. 16 2012 16:52Reply

That's great Alex. May I post it ( with proper attribution to you of course) beneath the image on Flickr?

Alex Nodopaka Aug. 18 2012 17:23Reply


This is great! I must say that the paintings were the root for my inspiration, so it works both ways and yes you may post it/them to accompany the works. Thanks for the offer of promo but I'm immensely rich so don't expect any remuneration for my poetry or art however I'll accept the credit nominations… lol

Michael Szpakowski Aug. 18 2012 17:47Reply


Alex Nodopaka Aug. 18 2012 16:13Reply

Circular Metaphysics
or What Goes Round comes Around

Circles over one’s head are no proof of sainthood.
The latter is not achieved wearing a disc over the head
nor is it proof of holiness when painted on icons.

It is guaranteed when achieved through martyrdom.
Hanging upside down on a cross one apostle moans
to the one spread eagle on an X-wooden structure,

Ain’t that a fucking great lesson to endure for the sake
of sainthood! The other apostle whimpers,
Speak for yourself, you mother fucking renegade!

Sainthood is a labyrinth with each side of its corridors
lined with spring-loaded thorny branches. To avoid
running in circles is a matter of thinking outside the box.

The disc, a de facto UFO, takes off in a straight line,
zigzags out of sight leaving the apostles hanging in mid air
grasping the rim of hula hoops hovering below their heads.

Alex Nodopaka August©2012