A Lonely Google Space Oddity - Guido Segni, 2012

“A lonely Google Space Oddity” is a project by Guido Segni and it is his personal, lonely, and performative space oddity in the data-based universe of Google Sky.

Started in early December 2011, each day about 250 pieces (tiles) of universe are copied from Google database and then posted on Tumblr. Guido Segni’s gesture is the attempt to piece together the whole universe – as Google knows it – in the archive of a Tumblr Blog.

According to the opinions of the experts, considering that Google Sky universe contains about 44,085,333 of pieces, the “Google space oddity” performance is supposed to be completed in about 480 years, but it is still not clear if the audience, the Google’s servers, the tumblr archive or the universe itself will last enough to see the end.

In the meanwhile, enjoy.

Guido Segni, June 2012

('till now about 31,660 small pieces of universe have been copied from Google Sky and moved to Tumblr.)