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Call for Proposals -- New Media Caucus Panel at College Art Association Conference

  • Deadline:
    May 4, 2007, midnight

The New Media Caucus invites panel proposals for our affiliated panel session at the College Art Association annual conference in Dallas 2008. Submitter(s) will chair and organize the proposed session its call for submissions or invitations (the board will help with the admin, and publicity, etc.).

Proposals should outline:
… Concept for the panel
… Areas of investigation
… Questions the panel will raise
… Specific topic areas presenters could address
… What types of presentation formats will be considered.
… If your panel will be invitational who are possible panelists (you don't need to ask them, we just want to see the kind of people you would have as panelists).
… If your panel will have a call for submissions, give us a timetable for the process
… Note: for the affiliated panel, while the panel chair should be a New Media Caucus member, panelists need not be CAA members or even artists. Chairing and participating in an affiliated open session (open to the public) does not disqualify you from submitting a proposal for the following year's CAA conference.
… A CATCHY TITLE – you really need to stand out in the sea of panels.

As a sample proposal, below is of one of a previous years' panel sessions:

Video art has been used as a conceptual, self-reflexive tool to examine society, culture, and media hegemonies for over 40 years. Video art moves about walls in flowing digital paintings and confronts us like a voice in installations. Similarly, sonic sculptures draw us through gallery spaces, inviting our attention and participation. This panel encourages artists who work with video and/or sound to discuss the relationship of their art to aesthetics, content and technology. Presenters could address: What strategies do artists using video and sound now adopt? How does the public assess the artistic quality of a form that represents entertainment and cheap reproduction? How do we talk about the shared conceptual space between sound, installation and video art? The panel invites proposals from artists, theorists and art historians. Unusual formats are encouraged.

Proposals will be reviewed by the New Media Caucus executive board. The deadline to submit your proposal is May 15th. Notification of acceptance will be late May. Your role on your panel will be as chair. The chosen panel will be submitted to CAA on June 9th.

Email submissions by May 15th to: gwyan.rhabyt@csueastbay.edu