David Cotterrell's 'Monsters of the Id'.

David Cotterrell's 'Monsters of the Id'.


Review by Sarah Thompson.

A review of the exhibition 'Monsters of the Id', a collection of experimental works by David Cotterrell based on his residencies as war artist in Afghanistan and at SEOS (now Rockwell Collins), makers of flight simulators. The works challenge the depiction of conflict as well as explore the unique languages of programming. Curated by Helen Sloan of SCAN, and the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, UK.



David Cotterrell - is an installation artist working across varied media including video, audio, interactive media, artificial intelligence, device control and hybrid technology. His work exhibits political, social and behavioural analyses of the environments and contexts, which he and his work inhabit. http://www.cotterrell.com/

Sarah Thompson - Since 1996, has taken an active interest in art made with new media and contributed reviews to rhizome.org as Aurora Lovelock. In 2001 was included in Josephine Bosma's online Collaborative Research into Electronic Art Memes. Taught and developed web resources at the NCCA and in 2007 started a website, transjuice.org, which reviews a mixture of art online, local and national exhibitions. http://www.transjuice.org/