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Compact-Impact Night vol 2 @ TKNY - NYC

Compact-Impact Night is a new media and design exhibition show that promotes the latest ideas and creations in technology and places them in the Japanese design and technology store TKNY for public view. The idea is to encourage new media artists, designers and technologists to create works beyond the prototyping phase and to give them an outlet for presenting their works to the public; be it art, installation, interior design, product design, space design, toys, video manipulation, games, or music.
For more info: http://compact-impact.com/night/vol02/

Opening: Friday 16 - From 7:00 pm to 11:00pm
Address: 21 AVENUE B, SOUTH STORE, NYC, NY 10009
Tel : 212.677.0500

Participating Artists:

Taro Suzuki, Interactive Space Designer, Tokyo Japan
Takanori Hayakawa, Product Designer, Tokyo Japan.
Jim Wood, Interactive Digital Media Artist, London UK
Despina Papadopoulos, Interactive Designer and Wearable Artist, New York
Todd Polenberg & Chris Jordan, Light Installation Artists, New York
Yucef Merhi , New Media Artist, New York
Jonah Warren, Game Designer, Interaction Designer, Artist, New York
Gili bar-shay, Graphic and Accessory Designer, New York
Chiaki, visual artist, New York
Bit Shifter& Nullsleep, Gameboy Musician, New York